One Doctor’s Story


Lauren Loya, M.D., creator of the “How-To-Health” Movement, was formerly in traditional family practice medicine. Prior to starting her own practice, Dr. Loya was on the faculty of a major teaching hospital training residents.


"I started to realize something was wrong when a patient who was on 12 medications came to see me.  The first six dealt with her ailments while the second six were for the side effects from the  first six.  Despite all of these medications, the patient didn't feel any better.  


Physicians are trained to treat  illnesses AFTER they occur; or to detect them early,  not to truly prevent them.  Also, they are under pressure from insurance companies to achieve certain numerical outcomes in terms of cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc., leaving little time to consider or address the potential sources of the patient's disorder.  


Whether we know it or not, the foods we consume are contributing to, if not causing, the problem.  An abundance of "health" and "nutrition" information exists in the media, in advertising, on talk shows, etc.  It is often conflicting; it’s no wonder people are confused.


Medications are not always the answer and can often mask the true underlying conditions and imbalances.  Even my kids chuckle when they see drug commercials that spend 15 seconds on the benefits and 45 seconds on the side effects.


‘Healthcare’ in the U.S. is mistitled.  It should be called ‘sick-care’ because most people only engage the medical system when they’re sick, not when they’re healthy. 


Most people don’t want to be on medications or live a sub-standard life but they don’t know how else to live or whom to believe.


We’re going to change that!”