About the Movement


The “How-To" Health Movement is intended for those looking to make serious, long lasting, and incredibly fulfilling changes in their lives. The goal is to give people a healthy alternative to the seemingly endless over-medication of America.  Only by getting back to the basics will we effectively address our healthcare crisis. Our hope is that by teaching a few patients what it means to live amazing lives, they will teach others.

You will learn “how to”:


 * Determine if physical conditions are preventing weight loss efforts.

 * Prevent or reverse many chronic illnesses.

 Balance your hormones.

 Control and conquer allergies.

 * Decrease or eliminate prescription medications.

 Decrease inflammation.

 Manage chronic pain more naturally.

 Reduce physical and emotional health stress.

 Heal your adrenal glands.

 Increase libido. 

 * Heal digestive issues. 

 * Boost and support a healthy immune system. 

 * Effectively use supplements. 

 * Develop healthy sleep habits.

 Identify and address food sensitivities. 

 * Preserve and improve brain function.

 Reduce toxicity in your environment.



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