The Program


There are many components to getting back on track.  By addressing all of them simultaneously and under one roof, patients can achieve amazing results!  


Through a partnership between the patient, medical provider, naturopathic doctor and health coach the most effective approach for optimal health is customized.  Our 12 week program consists of three parts:


    Weeks 1 - 5:      Foundation phase:  re-set your body, diagnose physical conditions, start meal plan

    Weeks 6 -10:    Transition phase:  re-introduce certain foods, adjust elements to your needs

    Weeks 11 -12:  Maintenance:  Development of plan for long term lifestyle success.




The 3 month program includes:


Medical Provider

* Thyroid (Slow Metabolism)

* Digestive Function

* Hormone Balance

* Sleep Management

* Decrease Inflammation

* Adrenal Function

* Healthy Immune System

* Use of Supplements

* Sexual Health

* Blood/Saliva Testing



Naturopathic Doctor

* Metabolic Blood Typing

* Stress Management

* Reduce Toxicity

* Emotional Balance

* Food Sensitivities

* Food Allergies

* Body Chemistry Balancing



Health Coach



B12 Injections

Nutritional Education

Meal Planning Support


Progress Tracking


Body Fat Percentage

   Infrared Measurement





Full Program Cost:  $1,450



   * Can be made in 3 monthly payments (half must

      be paid at first visit)




   * 10% discount if paid in full.




Naturopathic and Health Coach Visits Only*:   $650


  (B12 shots not included in package)




Health Coach Visits Only (8 half hour visits):  $475


 (B12 shots not included in package)




1 Health Coach Visit Only (one hour):  $100